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A pumpkin sits on an old shelf.

Pumpkin Drop-Off 2023

Dundee neighbors! We’ve got some exciting news for you. You can give your old pumpkins a new life by composting them right here at Dundee Bank after Halloween. 

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Solar Panels on top of the Dundee Bank

Illuminating Sustainability: Dundee Bank’s Solar Power Endeavors

Dundee Bank is proud to share the remarkable success of our solar panel initiative, which has been generating clean, renewable energy since its installation in August 2020. As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, these solar panels have significantly reduced our environmental impact while providing a sustainable energy source for our Dundee branch.

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A pile of used, crushed up plastic bottles fills the image.

5 Sustainability Tips

As your community bank, we are committed to supporting sustainable practices that benefit our local community and the environment. We understand that every small action can make a difference, and we encourage our customers to adopt sustainable practices in their daily lives.

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Introducing Dundee Bank’s Gift Card Surprise

Who doesn’t love an unexpected gift? Our community has shown so much support for our business customers at First Friday Freebies that we’ve decided to show our gratitude in another new way: Gift Card Surprises.

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Apple decompose in a compost pile.

Dundee Bank Adds Compost Club Drop-Off

We’re not shy about our mission to be the greenest bank in Omaha.

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Meghann Schense standing in front of a store display holding a basket of bottled fresh squeezed juice.

When Your Community Needs Support, the Juice is Worth the Squeeze

From a distance, The Grove Juicery and Dundee Bank sure have a lot in common. We like to think that when it comes to business relationships, Dundee Bank and The Grove are a perfect match for one another.

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Pile of mini pumpkins

Pumpkin drop-off is back for 2022!

You can drop your old pumpkins off for composting at Dundee Bank once again this year after Halloween.

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Setting the Stage to Support the Local Arts

Katie Whitecotton and Billy McGuigan had a vision in 2021. Unfortunately, the banks they worked with didn’t see things the way they did.

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Becky stands in her floral shop holding a bouquet of flowers, smiling.

Local Business Is Bloomin’ in the Old Market

There’s an uncommon sense of community among the people of Omaha as well as the businesses themselves. For Matilde, a floral and decor shop in the Old Market, that sense of community is vital.

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Robert Patterson standing in a classroom

It Takes a Village…and a Local Bank

If it really does take a village to raise a child, that village is going to need one heck of a leader.Robert Patterson, the award-winning CEO of Kids Can Community Center, definitely fits the bill with 20 years of experience under his belt. For more than 100 years, the organization has made it its mission to educate, engage, andinspire children. Many kids don’t have the opportunity to have enriching educational experiencesas part of the childcare, or outside of school. Looking forward to the next 100 years of supporting our community’s kids, Patterson and theorganization are taking that mission a step...read the full article

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