See the World, Save a Buck!

Dundee Bank doesn’t want you to skimp on experiences, but finding every opportunity to save on expenses is kind of our thing! The world is big and wide and beautiful, and we want you to see and taste and enjoy every bit of it! Our hope is that if we can help you save on the little expenses, you can afford to have a greater experience. This month, we’ve put together a few ideas to help you cut some costs as the holiday travel season approaches! Flexibility Having the freedom to adjust your departure to a day with less the full article

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Groom and Bride's legs showing the are wearing Converse All Stars

Money Minded Marriage

Do You Take Their Credit Score, Savings Goals, and Spending Habits?

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5 Ways to Save as a College Student!

School is officially in session. As you start to look at your future, consider a plan for savings. Here are five ways to start saving as a college student!

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10 Job Opportunities for Teens

You’ve spent years teaching your children the value of a hard day’s work, of a dollar, and of independence. If your teenager is thinking about taking their first summer job this year, you’re about to watch all of those lessons come together in hard and rewarding ways for your child! As your teen takes their first steps toward financial freedom, they may be feeling a little lost about where to start. Dundee Bank has put together a few ideas for your family about teen-friendly jobs, what it takes to land them, and what to expect.

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Energy Efficient Home Improvements

While Nebraska is famous for its temperamental temperature, we like to take this neutral season to take action against it! Taking steps to make your home more energy efficient will ensure that not only will your home stay cooler during the upcoming brutal heat of summer, and warm no matter what next fall and winter bring, but you’ll be reducing your environmental impact.

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5 Tips For A Great Interview

It is impossible to create your dream life if you’re spending time at a job you hate. Finding work you love can be a fun adventure, but once you’ve found the job you have to nail the interview! Our Dundee Bank Human Resources Department knows a thing or two about finding, landing, and keeping a fulfilling job, and they’re here with a few tips to help you get through the interview process!

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Piggy Bank

Teach Children To Save

It’s Teach Your Children to Save day, and Dundee Bank is excited to have clients and customers who take savings as seriously as we do. This event comes around once a year to help make savings fun, accessible, and easy to understand for all of our youngest savers out there. You work hard to educate your children on the importance of developing excellent habits, from brushing their teeth to a healthy diet. Dundee Bank wants to help you make savings a fun habit your children understand and appreciate!

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10 Things To Do After Losing Your Wallet

Your face goes numb. Your mind races. Your hands begin to shake. This is the moment you realize you have lost your wallet. What was in it? You suddenly can’t even remember. Where was the last place you left it? Has someone already maxed out all of your cards and moved to Boca?

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ACH Services

How ACH Services Can Streamline Payroll

When you decided to run your own small business, it was to reclaim the freedom to do business on your terms. You knew that gaining those freedoms would come at a steep cost to you, and the price of doing business right lands pretty hard on your time.

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Grow your Savings Account

As Spring approaches, we all look forward to watching things begin to grow. The days stretch a little longer, children sprout right out of their winter wardrobe, and gardens finally begin to take root. At Dundee Bank, we think it’s a good time to see your savings account begin to blossom, as well. Don’t have a savings account just yet?

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