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we love investing in good people

We love investing in good people

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5.35% APY* for our 7 Month CD

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between us, we’re the greenest bank in Omaha.

Learn what we are doing here at Dundee Bank.

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Cheers to Cybersecurity & Safety

Cheers to Cybersecurity & Safety

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  • Three woman smiling and posing for a picture.

    Celebrating All Smiles Family Dentistry: A Dundee Bank Customer Spotlight

    Dundee Bank is absolutely dee-lighted to turn the spotlight on our extraordinary customer, Dr. Christina Pruitt DDS, the spirited owner of All Smiles Family Dentistry, conveniently located right across the street from our Dundee branch! Nestled in the heart of Omaha’s Dundee neighborhood, All Smiles isn’t your typical dental practice; it’s more like a sunny sanctuary where smiles are carefully curated with an extra dose of care and compassion.

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  • Over the shoulder, we see a persons arm as they write on a piece of paper which is on a wooden table. A white ceramic coffee mug sits in the distance.

    Financial Wellness: Smart Saving Tips with Dundee Bank

    Are you eager to boost your savings and achieve financial peace of mind? At Dundee Bank, we believe in empowering our customers with the knowledge and tools they need to save effectively. Together, we can explore practical and achievable ways to save money without compromising on life’s little luxuries. Whether you’re saving for a dream vacation, a downpayment on a house, or simply building a rainy-day fund, these money saving tips will set you on the path to financial success.

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  • A woman sitting on a orange rug leaning against a white couch. She has curly hair and is wearing a white long sleeved shirt and jeans. She is working on a laptop computer that is resting on her leg.

    Smart Banking: Understanding Your Credit Report

    Ever wonder about that mysterious credit report of yours? Whether you’re gearing up for a big purchase or just on a mission to level up your money game, understanding your credit report is the key. No jargon, just friendly guidance. Let’s break it down together – your credit report, made easy and approachable for you!

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dundee bank community

We’re a local bank. But we’re also like an extended family. Or a business partner. That’s our community mindset. We dig in, donate locally, listen, advise, and help people thrive, every day. Read up on some customer stories that in turn, tell our story.

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Coneflower Creamery Comes to Dundee for the Sweet Treatment

"Dundee Bank really helped bring the vision of Coneflower from a dream into a reality."

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Shadow Ridge Dental

"If it wasn't for Dundee Bank and their commitment to working with me...I wouldn't have had the opportunity to own my own business."

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GreenSlate Development

"Dundee Bank helped make the Blackstone District a reality!"

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