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Othello Meadows’ commitment to Omaha is encapsulated in every brick and board of the seventy5north revitalization project – an effort that will create growth and opportunity in the North Omaha community. The enthusiasm he and his team have shown for the future of our city has inspired us to do even more for the place we all call home.

After a decade of studies, meetings, surveys and other research efforts, Othello Meadows gathered a team and resources to create a community filling in the needs of North Omaha. seventy5north was founded in 2011 to create sustainable, healthy and mixed-income communities, specifically within the Highlander neighborhood. By combining private and public investment, the nonprofit seeks to end generational poverty and reenergize the “community within a community”.

Othello, a North Omaha native, returned to his hometown after more than 15 years away – including several spent in Atlanta, Georgia, where he was a partner in his own law firm.

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