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the story of Dundee Bank

Dundee Bank

short but sweet

Dundee Bank’s history is a decade young journey that started here in Omaha’s Dundee community in 2006. Even though our name is relatively new to banking, our people that have contributed to our success have been in banking for longer. Much longer. So we know our stuff, plus we think you’ll enjoy our community bank feel.

local to the core

Dundee Bank believes in local ownership. Local control. Friendly, personal service. And a focus on the needs of the community. That’s why nearly 100% of your deposits are invested back into our communities. This allows for loans, growth, and stability for you and your neighbors. We’re proud to support local at Dundee Bank.

Historic Grocery Store

something fresh

So stop by anytime to say hello and grab an apple while you’re here. Why an apple? Our apples honor the original inhabitants of our building. The Buffett & Son grocery store served the neighborhood proudly for many years (and it’s where young Warren learned the value of a dollar). Our teller kiosks are on the side of the building where area neighbors would have picked up their fresh produce — including apples.