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environmental responsibility starts with action.

Together with our customers we are making a difference.

Solar Powered

To us this makes cents.

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Zero Waste

Reuse. recycle. It’s rewarding.

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Historic Preservation

We love remembering the past and to us that also means preserving it.

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Community Support

Strong communities don’t form by accident

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solar powered

To us this makes cents

Our Solar Panels generate 14,400 kWh annually (that’s enough to power 16 Omaha homes).

We have been using a
geothermal heater since 2010.

all in on sustainability through solar

We’ve also co-invested in $9.9 million into solar tax equity projects on a national scale that will contribute to: 

19,900 MWhs of solar energy generated each year

332,000 tons of carbon offset over the project’s 35-year lifecycle

zero waste

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. It’s rewarding.

59% of our deposit accounts receive electronic statements.

Dundee Bank’s next goal on the way to becoming 100% zero waste.
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Recycle symbol

We prioritize post consumer paper.

Through the use of DocuSign ePaperwork we have saved:

2,197 lbs of wood

6,468 gallons of water

5,156 lb of carbon

357 lbs of waste

historic preservation

We love remembering the past and to us that also means preserving it.

The building rehabilitation of
Dundee Bank Blackstone reused 90%
of the original structure and materials.

meaning of the apple.
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Dundee Bank’s pledge to preserve history.

community support

Strong communities don’t form by accident.


Over 275 volunteer hours in 2019.

local to the core.
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9,202 bottles of water
saved from ending up in a landfill due to our Bevi.

What’s the responsible choice to do next?
Join the bank that puts the community and mother nature first.

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