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Dundee Bank is always excited for an opportunity to welcome a new neighbor. But there’s one new Blackstone neighbor we’re especially proud to roll out the welcome mat for, because we had a hand in making their new venture possible.

The Colonial Hotel Apartments isn’t actually a “brand new” neighbor. The Colonial Hotel opened its doors in 1910 as the city’s first and only living hotel establishment. It was a pretty swanky joint back in the day, at one point housing The Red Lion Lounge, which served up food, drinks and some great jazz music.

An old building gets a new chapter

Through the years, the Colonial had its ups and downs and went through more than a few evolutions, finally settling as a large scale boarding house. And when it was threatened by demolition due to structural problems, the Colonial did what it has always done: It evolved into its next iteration as a modern, historic apartment building.

How does Dundee Bank fit in? By living up to our “bank local, support local” philosophy. Besides being a welcoming neighbor, the bank helped finance the historic renovation, and in doing so played a part in preserving a piece of our neighborhood’s treasured history. Welcome (back) to the neighborhood, Colonial, and cheers to a bright future for us all.

Read more about the renovation and take an online tour of these historic apartments here.