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You may have driven past one of our midtown locations and seen some construction going on recently, and that’s because we have something new: Solar panels on our roof. Those panels mean the Dundee location is now running partially on sustainable, clean energy, part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability.

We partnered with locally owned Boyd Jones to complete the installation of a solar photovoltaic (PV) system on top of our location at 5015 Underwood Ave. The new system will reduce the branch’s carbon footprint and generate an estimated 14,400 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, or roughly the same amount of energy consumed by 16 Omaha households in an average month.

“We are excited to be working with another local company to further not just our goal of sustainability, but of supporting local,” said Jeff Royal, president of Dundee Bank.

The solar panels are not our only big announcement relating to sustainability. We are also the inaugural recipient of Bluestem Energy Solutions’ Powered Locally Certification. Bluestem created the certification as a simple way to show dedication to sustainability and innovation.

The trademarked certification signifies an “ongoing, tangible commitment to the use of locally produced, renewable energy.” We are proud to be the inaugural recipient of Bluestem’s Powered Locally Certification.

These are just the most recent developments in our ongoing commitment to sustainability.

Among our other green initiatives are:

  • Implementing a zero-waste initiative with Hillside Solutions
  • Working with Verdis Group to explore the reduction and offset of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Using an energy efficient, Earth friendly geothermal unit at the Dundee location
  • Creation of green spaces near their locations in Dundee and Blackstone
  • A zero-waste coffee bar and water dispenser to eliminate single use plastics
  • Working with local small businesses like Exist Green and Big Muddy Urban Farm
  • Using post-consumer paper
  • Partnering with Earth Day Omaha

Want to bank green with us? Find us online at https://www.dundeebanking.com/savegreen/