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At Dundee Bank, we care about your future. That’s why we help you manage debt, teach your children about financial literacy, and build your savings for the future. But saving for the future means so much more when the future is a green, healthy planet! That’s why we’ve partnered with Hillside Solutions to be your zero-waste bank!

What is Zero Waste?

Zero Waste means that less than 10% of what you throw out ends up in landfills. The remaining 90% is recycled, composted, or goes into energy bags. Hillside Solutions came on site to educate our staff of the importance of zero waste, and to help us identify steps we could take to achieve our goal.

  • “Perks” of Going Green

The coffee bar at our Underwood location is equipped with an eco-friendly Bevi water station. This green filtration system allows us to offer delicious, healthy, clean water while eliminating plastic water bottles! Stop in and refill your reusable water bottles any time, for free.

  • Green Caffeine

Also at our Underwood location, our new electric barista uses 100% compostable pods, rather than wasteful single-use and non-recyclable brand. This means you can brew your own coffee, tea, latte, and cappuccino and take it with you in your reusable mug, any time.

  • Cup of Change

Not only are our pods compostable, but you can grab your morning Joe in one of our free compostable coffee cups!

This year at Earth Day Omaha, Dundee Bank provided reusable bags to guests, who were able to see some of Hillside Solution’s “Black Gold Soil” made from Dundee Bank Compost!

A Bright Green Future

Hillside Solutions helped open our eyes to all of the green possibilities, and to how much power we had to impact our community through small changes. This resulted in us reevaluating our vendor relationships, and finding ways to partner with other organizations who support green initiatives. From shifting to post-consumer paper in our branches to working with Verdis Group to cut our greenhouse gas emissions, Dundee thinks that a focus on the environment only strengthens our goals to support local.

If you’re interested in learning more about what Dundee Bank is doing to become a more sustainable bank, how working with local businesses can help reduce emissions and waste, or how to Improve Your Home’s Efficiency, be sure to check out our blogs and newsletter! And if you have any suggestions for how Dundee can become more green, drop us a comment!