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A woman, Dr. Christina Pruitt, stands smiling at the camera. An large x-ray of human jaw/teeth hangs on the wall behind her.

Celebrating All Smiles Family Dentistry: A Dundee Bank Customer Spotlight

Dundee Bank is absolutely dee-lighted to turn the spotlight on our extraordinary customer, Dr. Christina Pruitt DDS, the spirited owner of All Smiles Family Dentistry, conveniently located right across the street from our Dundee branch! Nestled in the heart of Omaha's Dundee neighborhood, All Smiles isn't your typical dental practice; it's more like a sunny sanctuary where smiles are carefully curated with an extra dose of care and compassion.

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A man, Joe Manzari, wearing a black polo and pants stands smiling in front of a Midwest Removal tuck.

Clearing the Way: How Midwest Removal and Dundee Bank Are Redefining Local Success

Meet Joe Manzari, the driving force behind Midwest Removal, a dynamic business that’s making waves in Omaha. Joe’s journey began with the dream of successful business, but the road was not without challenges. When it came to banking needs, Joe encountered roadblocks in securing a business account and financing for crucial equipment. Enter Dundee Bank.

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A woman stands smiling at the camera. Her arms are resting on a purple bed. She is wearing glasses and has blonde bob.

A Great Partnership With Thirteen Moons Acupuncture Keeps Dundee Bank on Pins and Needles

For more than twenty years, Thirteen Moons has worked toward creating wellness and healing to the community. They work with each person one-on-one to provide them the best options for their health. So, when they realized they were being treated like just a number by their big bank, they knew it was time to make a change.

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Secret Penguin team stands in front of a white wall.

It’s No Secret Why This Partnership Works

For over 20 years, SecretPenguin has helped brands stand out by making their clients’ communities better and more fun. At this branding agency, making a community better starts by listening to its members to get a true understanding.

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Meghann Schense standing in front of a store display holding a basket of bottled fresh squeezed juice.

When Your Community Needs Support, the Juice is Worth the Squeeze

From a distance, The Grove Juicery and Dundee Bank sure have a lot in common. We like to think that when it comes to business relationships, Dundee Bank and The Grove are a perfect match for one another.

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Eryn Swan posing with a dog inside Wag

10/10, Would Recommend a Local Bank

If there’s one thing we love as much as supporting local, it’s pets. So you can imagine why Wag, a neighborhood pet store in midtown Omaha, is such a beloved Dundee Bank customer.

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Setting the Stage to Support the Local Arts

Katie Whitecotton and Billy McGuigan had a vision in 2021. Unfortunately, the banks they worked with didn’t see things the way they did.

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Becky stands in her floral shop holding a bouquet of flowers, smiling.

Local Business Is Bloomin’ in the Old Market

There’s an uncommon sense of community among the people of Omaha as well as the businesses themselves. For Matilde, a floral and decor shop in the Old Market, that sense of community is vital.

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Robert Patterson standing in a classroom

It Takes a Village…and a Local Bank

If it really does take a village to raise a child, that village is going to need one heck of a leader.Robert Patterson, the award-winning CEO of Kids Can Community Center, definitely fits the bill with 20 years of experience under his belt. For more than 100 years, the organization has made it its mission to educate, engage, andinspire children. Many kids don’t have the opportunity to have enriching educational experiencesas part of the childcare, or outside of school. Looking forward to the next 100 years of supporting our community’s kids, Patterson and theorganization are taking that mission a step...read the full article

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Man on computer

Supporting Local Hits Close to Home

There aren’t many things more important to us than being able to provide local, personalized service.

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