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For over 20 years, SecretPenguin has helped brands stand out by making their clients’ communities better and more fun. At this branding agency, making a community better starts by listening to its members to get a true understanding. 

When owner and Creative Director Dave Nelson needed a banking partner for his business, the alignment between SecretPenguin and Dundee Bank was clear.

“At Dundee Bank, we know the people we are banking with. They work hard to listen and build relationships with their customers,” Nelson said. “At other banks, we felt like a number. Here, we feel life friends.”

Dundee Bank’s partnership with SecretPenguin has flourished over the years thanks to a shared emphasis on supporting communities rather than trying to sell to them.

Together, we’ve helped sponsor and promote music festivals, Dundee Days, the summer wiffle ball park and winter ice rink in the Dundee Sunks, and so much more. 

“Supporting local means making the community a better and more fun place,” said SecretPenguin Account Director Miki Newhouse. “It’s about being a constant in the community that people can rely on.”

And even though this branding agency has a habit of going above and beyond for its clients and supporting goals the typical advertising agency wouldn’t touch, they still needed banking support from a trusted partner. 

“Since working with Dundee Bank, we have been so relieved to be able to focus on what we do best,” Nelson said. “And they help us with what they do best. The way they work—building friendships—makes things easy and eliminates any annoying hurdles we need to jump.”

Our team is passionate about creating relationships with small business owners that let us support their banking needs, giving them the time and space they need to make the Omaha community better. We’re grateful to be able to support a positive force in Omaha like SecretPenguin, and we look forward to working together for years to come.

Does your business need a banking partner to help you focus on what you do best? Check out our business banking offerings and reach out to our team to start a conversation today. We’d love to support you!