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There aren’t many things more important to us than being able to provide local, personalized

That’s exactly why we’re honored to serve business customers like Brick Town Management,
which owns, manages, and maintains apartments right here in Omaha. At Dundee Bank, we
love working with customers who share the vision of serving a community, not just profiting off it.

“Since 2017 we have made it our mission to always remain responsive to the needs of our
residents quickly,” Brick Town states on their website. “We manage all of our own properties

The folks at Brick Town Management can teach every business a thing or two about the power
of being responsive to their customers’ needs. We’re thankful to work with people like Collin
Schwartz at Brick Town who set an example that we can learn from.

“Dundee Bank has been greatly influential for the growth of our business,” Schwartz said. “The
levels of service and speed in which they can transact are second to none.”

We look forward to serving the Brick Town team for many years to come as they help the people
of Omaha find a great place to live. You can find a Brick Town-managed apartment home of
your own at bricktownmanagement.com!

To learn more about how we’re supporting local businesses, visit