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Locally owned. Locally sourced. Determined to provide a better, more sustainable future for the Omaha community.

From a distance, The Grove Juicery and Dundee Bank sure have a lot in common. We like to think that when it comes to business relationships, Dundee Bank and The Grove are a perfect match for one another.

The Grove provides a much-needed source of sustainable and healthy plant-based foods and drinks to Omaha.

“Our mission from the beginning was to serve our downtown and midtown communities who struggle to find healthy food options,” said Meghann Schense, The Grove’s owner and founder. “Over the years, we have happily seen this community grow and thrive!”

Schense’s mission was born out of personal experience after spending years living out of a suitcase while traveling the world as an international fashion consultant. The resulting jetlag, exhaustion, and wear and tear on her body led to her spending lots of time in cafes and shops where she could nourish herself with organic, locally sourced fresh foods.

“Drinking a big bottle of fruits and veggies everyday rushing to work was the best way to start and get through the day, keeping my energy up and immune system strong,” she recalls. At The Grove, she’s determined to give neighbors in the Omaha area the same source of wellness. And any time we see a business that prioritizes community wellness, we’ll always support them as a partner and customer.

“Dundee Bank embodies the phrase ‘support local,’” Schense said. “Especially surviving through covid, it really makes me think of the age-old saying ‘put your money where your mouth is.’ If you really want your favorite small businesses to be there, that is what it takes! Dundee Bank does just that.”

The Grove hosted one of Dundee Bank’s liveliest First Friday events to date, too, handing out freebies sponsored by Dundee Bank.

“Our staff had so much fun surprising customers with free juices and drinks,” Schense said. “By midday we had a non-stop line around the block! Our regulars and new guests felt so appreciated!”

The community has responded with support for The Grove—so much that the juicery is preparing to open its second location in West Omaha off 180th and Dodge.

“Professionally, they are helping me to scale my business and grow it into all it can be,” Schense said. “They are so focused on and supportive of local businesses and community; they are truly shaping the character and experience of Omaha!”

The respect and appreciation is mutual for our friends at The Grove. And we can’t wait to watch them grow even more as a positive influence in Omaha.

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