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Small business owners who put down roots in Omaha know our city is unique.

There’s an uncommon sense of community among the people of Omaha as well as the businesses themselves. For Matilde, a floral and decor shop in the Old Market, that sense of community is vital.

“As a small local business, supporting local means everything to Matilde,” said owner Becky
Uchtman. “I try to be a part of growth in my community and lift up others on a similar path.”

Even for her company’s banking needs, Uchtman found a partner in Dundee Bank through a fellow small business: Hank & Ax Salon. Now, she’s trying to pay it forward with other local business owners.

“I enjoy promoting and working with other small businesses in Omaha in hopes of us all being as successful and contributing to a large portion of what makes it a special big little city,” she said.

At Dundee Bank, it’s our goal to empower the businesses that help this culture of supporting local thrive. We strive not just to provide personable and kind service, but to also maintain a feeling of neighborly comfort.

And that’s why we’re so heartened to hear our customers like Uchtman say their experience with us felt “current, fresh, and less intimidating than a larger institution.”

Watching Matilde grow, we’re happy to be a partner helping them join a thriving community of local businesses in Omaha.

As a business owner in the Old Market and a resident of Benson, Uchtman gets to experience the warmth of that community every day.

“Both of these neighborhoods are unique and bursting with great small businesses who consistently demonstrate their dedication to growth and advocacy,” she said.

We’re proud to partner with so many amazing local businesses like Matilde that bring growth and vibrancy to our community!

To learn more about how we’re supporting local businesses and the Omaha community, visit dundeebanking.com/support-local