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While the burden of sustainability tends to be directed toward food suppliers and energy companies, Dundee Bank believes that saving for the future is more than a fiscal responsibility. With their bold, community-driven initiatives, Dundee Bank sets themselves apart from other area banks and sets the new standard for sustainability.

Dundee Bank has sought partners in the Omaha area who are known for thinking outside the recycling bin for ways to reduce their own environmental impact.

Working with local like-minded companies, Dundee is in the process of changing their whole view of sustainability. The goal isn’t to fix damage as they cause it, but to create permanent changes that impact the planet positively. A partnership with Hillside Solutions has moved them beyond recycling and closer to the ultimate goal of zero-waste. Verdis Group helped identify behavioral changes that changed the view of true sustainability. It was working with Verdis that brought Bluestem into the conversation.

The latest partnership with Bluestem Energy Solutions has taken a customized, systematic approach to creating a truly sustainable environment, offering Dundee Bank actionable steps to achieve their goal of acquiring the city’s first Powered Locally Certification.

The approach Bluestem provides offers more than a temporary change to appease businesses’ climate-conscience, but a complete audit and inventory to remold their climate-consciousness. More than esthetically “green”, Bluestem offers a chance at creating deeply impactful and permanent changes to how companies view and execute their green initiatives.

Historically, Dundee Bank has put forth great effort to invest in area businesses and families, keeping the local economy strong. Combining these efforts with steps to keep the environment just as strong is a necessary step for every business, and Dundee Bank is proud to be the local industry leader in this endeavor.

Giving back to the community is a priority for Dundee Bank. They believe that supporting local builds a strong community foundation, boosts the economy, and strengthens small businesses. Adding sustainability to their list is a natural fit. Dundee Bank is proud to be a local leader in this endeavor. Dundee Bank has made progress to reduce waste and emissions including:

  • Partnership with Bluestem Energy Solutions to obtain the first Powered Locally Certification
  • Zero-Waste program with Hillside Solutions
  • Greenhouse Gas Inventory with Verdis Group to explore the reduction and offset of GHG emissions
  • Use of a geothermal unit at their Dundee Location (Regarded by the EPA as the most energy efficient and earth-friendly temperature control available currently)
  • Efforts toward historic preservation in their modest bank branches and through several projects lent to the Blackstone District
  • Creation of a green space with a bench made from recycled plastic at their Dundee Branch
  • Creating a nearby green space with a bench made from recycled plastic
  • Zero-Waste Coffee Bar and Bevi water dispenser to eliminate plastic water bottles and disposable single-use coffee waste
  • Utilization of Post-Consumer Paper
  • Earth Day Omaha Partnership

While the conversation around sustainability is ever-changing, Dundee Bank is working hard to be the leader in community commitment.