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Our Save Green Rewards Checking account is both environmentally responsible and high interest earning with a 1.75% APY*

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  • 1.75% APY*

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*Annual Percentage Yield. $100 minimum deposit to open. In order to obtain up to $10 in monthly Foreign ATM fee refunds, 1.75% APY on balances up to $10,000, and 0.10% APY on balances over $10,000, the following qualifications must be met each calendar month: Enroll and receive eStatements, Complete at least 10 Debit MasterCard purchases post and clear totaling a minimum of $100, Complete at least one direct deposit, bill payment, or automatic debit (ACH transaction) post and clear. If all qualifications are not met during the month, the full balance will earn 0.10% APY for that month. APY current as of 2/5/2024. Interest rate is variable and could change at any time. Fees could reduce earnings. 1A Foreign ATM Fee may be incurred at an ATM that is not owned by us. 2Green perks may include events or newsletters and will be open to the public.

At Dundee Bank, we are proud to focus on our sustainability goals through events, support, and education.


Dundee Bank has partnered with Hillside Solutions to become a zero-waste bank. We have zero-waste stations at our locations and continually discuss ways to eliminate waste for our bank and our customers.
Here are a few examples –

  • We have hosted events such as shred days, pumpkin drop-offs, and battery recycling, which have received an overwhelming response from the community. 
  • At the Dundee branch, we have added a “green space” in the east alleyway which includes a bench made from 100% recycled materials and a little free library.
  • We have a coffee maker with 100% compostable coffee pods and cups. You can skip your brew at home and stop by the bank for a free cappuccino or latte! 


Dundee Bank continually evaluates things like the vendors we work with and the paper we print on, which started the shift to post-consumer paper and, technologies that minimize paper dependency for our employees and customers.


Dundee Bank is excited to partner with Julie Sommer from UNMC. Julie is a part of eXXpedition (pronounced ex-expedition) Round the World, an all female-sailing mission to explore the impact of plastic and toxic pollution in out oceans.


Our newsletter and blogs contain information on things like how to reduce waste or the importance of ride sharing. We feature our customers and ways that are making a difference in our communities. We also provide seasonal content to help educate readers on ways to prep their garden in the spring and how to conserve energy in the winter.

This is only the beginning. We have so much more in store, –including solar panels that will help us achieve a Powered Locally certification through Bluestem Energy Solutions. 

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