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Being locally owned and operated ourselves, small businesses are the heart of Dundee Bank. We are so grateful to have any hand in the work other area businesses are doing to make our home a more successful, creative, and whole community! When we help small businesses prosper, we help our city grow. Watching the good ripple through the city is just another perk of supporting local!

When we had the privilege of partnering with Artemis Teas, we had to find out more about who they are, and why they choose local.

We love a good cup of tea, but just one sip was enough to prove that this wasn’t our Nana’s Earl Grey. The owners and Artisans behind the Artemis aren’t just respectful of the tea they harvest, they are respectful of the bodies each cup will fuel, and the earth that will be affected by each step of the process. Understanding the passion they have for each tea leaf helped us to understand the relationship they have with their business, and the community they serve.

“Support Local” means supporting and investing in the people, plants, animals, and ecosystems that share, support, or help build the environments in which I also live and work.” Said Andrea Comiskey Lawse , Founder of Artemis Teas. “It means choosing to source the materials I need to grow, thrive, and support myself from members of my community, city, and state.”

“In the tea business, this means purchasing botanicals from organic farmers near Omaha, and in Nebraska and Iowa. It means purchasing bags and materials from regional suppliers whenever possible, and it means being conscientious of the waste I leave behind for my local communities and region.”

“We are building a network of partnerships with small, organic farms in the Midwest so we can source as many of our botanicals from local growers, and so that we can clearly trace the origin of our ingredients from farm to cup.”

Their moral compass takes them further than simply writing a check to a local grower. They are writing checks to the planet, and to the future!

“We use biodegradable bags for our retail teas so as to leave as small of a footprint behind as possible. We use materials like glass and bamboo whenever possible because they are inert, easily broken down, and sustainable to produce. We are creating flexible, enjoyable work for our employees with fair, competitive wages, while continually working to create a working environment in which our employees thrive. We collaborate with other local businesses when possible, and regularly support other small, local businesses and makers.”

Artemis Teas also chooses local non-profits to support every year, ensuring that other locals who are working to make the world a better place have the support they need, as well! Dundee Bank is proud to partner with these mindful entrepreneurs, and we look forward to seeing the good Artemis is cultivating in our community!

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