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You can drop your old pumpkins off for composting at Dundee Bank once again this year after Halloween.

From Tuesday, Nov. 1st until Nov. 14th, you can bring pumpkins to the parking lot at our branch locations in Dundee or Little Bohemia on S 13th St.

In Dundee, drop your pumpkins off in the south parking lot behind the branch at 5015 Underwood Ave.

In Little Bohemia, drop your pumpkins off in the north parking lot at the southeast corner of 13th and William streets, at 1407 S 13th St.

Our local partner, Hillside Solutions, will collect all the pumpkins for Soil Dynamics Compost Farm, the only industrial compost facility in the Omaha metro area.

The nutrient-rich compost created from all the pumpkins collected will eventually make its way back into the community to nourish gardens and yards around the city. Basically, bringing your old pumpkins to Dundee Bank is like bringing a turkey to Thanksgiving dinner—but for Omaha’s plant life.

Sustainability really is a beautiful thing.

Here are the guidelines for pumpkins:

  • No glitter or painted pumpkins
  • No metal or plastic trash bags
  • Remove candles and non-pumpkin pieces
  • Also accepting gourds and melons!

Thanks for helping us make Omaha a little greener each day. In the meantime, be sure to follow
us on Instagram
for updates—and have a spooky and happy Halloween!