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Over the shoulder, we see a persons arm as they write on a piece of paper which is on a wooden table. A white ceramic coffee mug sits in the distance.

Financial Wellness: Smart Saving Tips with Dundee Bank

Are you eager to boost your savings and achieve financial peace of mind? At Dundee Bank, we believe in empowering our customers with the knowledge and tools they need to save effectively. Together, we can explore practical and achievable ways to save money without compromising on life’s little luxuries.

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Solar Panels on top of the Dundee Bank

Illuminating Sustainability: Dundee Bank’s Solar Power Endeavors

Dundee Bank is proud to share the remarkable success of our solar panel initiative, which has been generating clean, renewable energy since its installation in August 2020. As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, these solar panels have significantly reduced our environmental impact while providing a sustainable energy source for our Dundee branch.

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First person point of view of two hands typing on a laptop that sits on a wooden table.

Your Safety First: Banking with Trust and Confidence

At Dundee Bank, we're all about putting your safety front and center. In this digital era of online banking, we understand the importance of protecting your finances and personal information. Let's explore why safety in banking matters and how we go above and beyond to ensure your peace of mind.

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A one dollar bill and some change lay on a white table

SmartMoney: Tips to Debt Payoff

Dealing with debt can be an overwhelming and stressful experience. At Dundee Bank, we understand that paying off debt can be a challenging journey, but we also know that it is possible to overcome this obstacle with some effort and determination. We want to share some tips that can help you pay off your debt and get your finances back on track.

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A pile of used, crushed up plastic bottles fills the image.

5 Sustainability Tips

As your community bank, we are committed to supporting sustainable practices that benefit our local community and the environment. We understand that every small action can make a difference, and we encourage our customers to adopt sustainable practices in their daily lives.

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A woman stands smiling at the camera. Her arms are resting on a purple bed. She is wearing glasses and has blonde bob.

A Great Partnership With Thirteen Moons Acupuncture Keeps Dundee Bank on Pins and Needles

For more than twenty years, Thirteen Moons has worked toward creating wellness and healing to the community. They work with each person one-on-one to provide them the best options for their health. So, when they realized they were being treated like just a number by their big bank, they knew it was time to make a change.

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Secret Penguin team stands in front of a white wall.

It’s No Secret Why This Partnership Works

For over 20 years, SecretPenguin has helped brands stand out by making their clients’ communities better and more fun. At this branding agency, making a community better starts by listening to its members to get a true understanding.

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A woman sits in a blue chair in front of a window. She is looking a her cell phone and laptop computer.

Fraud Alert: SBA Past Due Calls for EIDL Payments

If you’re a business owner and you’ve received unexpected calls about past-due payments from the SBA, you’re not alone.

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Women looks into the camera over a fan of money she is holding in her hands.

SmartMoney Q&A: Do You Need Emergency Funds?

Everyone says you should set aside some emergency money “for a rainy day.” But what does that really mean? What counts as a rainy day, and how much rain are we talking? We posed the question to a handful of the banking experts at Dundee Bank to give some real-world perspective on the idea of emergency funds, how much you need, and why it matters.

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Introducing Dundee Bank’s Gift Card Surprise

Who doesn’t love an unexpected gift? Our community has shown so much support for our business customers at First Friday Freebies that we’ve decided to show our gratitude in another new way: Gift Card Surprises.

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