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John Fahrer

Raising a Glass to Serving the Community…and Great Beer

Dundee Bank is lucky to be surrounded by a dedicated community of businesses serving excellent food and drinks, so we’re always excited for the opportunity to serve them in return!

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Hoppy Taco

Hoppy To Help – Dundee Bank Celebrates a Delicious Partnership

It’s obvious that when it comes to neighbors, Dundee Bank hit the jackpot! We are surrounded by an innovative community filled with creatives, artisans, and change makers of every influence.

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Angie Remington

More Than a Day, a Lifestyle. Dundee Partners With Earth Day Every Day

For more than fifty years, Earth Day Omaha has been offering actionable opportunities for Omahans to gradually and sustainably create a positive impact on the world around them. Dundee Bank is proud to partner with an organization that is committed to the empowerment of the community, and to the betterment of the environment we share.  This month, we had the privilege of connecting with Angie Remington, Chair of the Board of Directors of Earth Day Omaha about why EDO chose Dundee Bank, and how we can all create a little more sustainability in our practices. “We are an organization devoted...read the full article

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Bohemian Cafe

It’s a Sign of the Times

Restoration is underway for iconic Little Bohemia artwork and signage.

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Man smiling with three dogs at his side

Your Best Friend’s Best Friend Switches to Dundee

For more than thirty years, Elkhorn and Omaha have counted on the Dvorak Family of Cottonwood Pet Resort to care for the furriest members of their family.

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Red apples

A Year of Giving, Untold Impact

We like to think that the reason our local community chooses Dundee Bank is because Dundee Bank chooses them right back! Dundee Bank is always striving to support local.

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City street

Dundee Bank Gives Big by Shopping Small This Holiday

This has been a difficult year for everyone in our community, but nobody has taken a hit quite like local small businesses. Our bankers have been working right alongside our favorite small businesses throughout this very complicated year.

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Man standing in his salon

Crafting a Beautiful Community from the Inside Out

For Zeb Ratcliff, Co-Founder and stylist at Craft Salon, each day and every client are a new opportunity to make the world and someone’s outlook a little more beautiful.

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Man on a phone in a coffee shop

Skip the Scam

Phishing, hacking, scamming, no matter how they are trying to get your information, Dundee Bank wants to help you put a stop to it!

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Woman on cell phone

Mobile Measures

Keeping your mobile devices safe can be easy, but without these important steps, stealing your information might be easy, too.

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