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Do Something Your Future Self Will Thank You For

If you could step back 10 years in time and have a conversation with yourself, what kind of financial advice would you give? Would you have warnings about investments? Would you really hassle yourself about spending money on coffee, or would you have bigger items on your list? What would you plead with yourself to save for?

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This Holiday, Think Small, Give Big

Your holiday to-do list is really starting to pile up. Between planning your Thanksgiving family feast and making your New Year’s Resolutions, we hope you find some time to sit and enjoy the season with your loved ones.

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inCOMMON Puts Communities First by Helping People Thrive

inCOMMON has made a name for themselves by building opportunities for their community, and offering tools for their neighbors to connect and thrive. It’s no wonder they felt that they had something inCOMMON with Dundee Bank!

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When Culture Meets Community, The Union Turns to Dundee

Dundee Bank is always excited to have the opportunity to invest in anything that advances the community. When those advances include art, culture, and beauty, it becomes an absolute privilege. When The Union for Contemporary Art Founder and Executive Director Brigitte McQueen Shew brought us her vision, we were honored to come on board!

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Field Club and Dundee Bank, Community Connection

Field Club of Omaha is about more than golf, it’s about building a community. When the country club made the decision to move away from out-of-state management three years ago, they also wanted to find a financial institution more aligned with their own vision of being locally operated and community-minded. When they came to Dundee Bank, they knew they had found a great partner.

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Make Your Money Move with Dundee Bank and Apple Pay!

Dundee Bank is always on the lookout for ways to make banking easier and more convenient. That’s why we’re so excited to announce that we are now offering Apple Pay to make moving money safer, faster, and more secure!

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Small Business Work Session

Dundee Bank Highlights 5 Tools for Better Small Business Banking

You’ve done the heavy lifting and your business is off the ground. Congratulations! Now you deal with the day-to-day operations. The small fires to put out, everyday emergencies, and unexpected hurdles. Don’t let your banking experience be another burden. Dundee Bank loves small businesses, and making business banking a breeze.

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Girl at Computer

Ten Trusted Tips to Cybersafe Travels

From the desk of Thomas F. Duffy, MS-ISAC Chair – Original Post Cyber criminals don’t take a break, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t! Taking a vacation can leave you vulnerable, but we want to help keep you covered. This month, we aim to provide some valuable tips for staying cyber safe while heading on a summer vacation. Whether you are out exploring or relaxing, it is important to be as secure as possible with your digital devices and information. Unfortunately, stepping out of your routine can put your electronic devices at risk, and we don’t just mean accidentally the full article

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Small Business Meeting

Dream Big? Think Small.

Your business may be small, but the dreams and the work behind it are nothing short of tremendous. We understand the late nights, the early mornings, and everything you have riding on this vision. You, your partners, and your supporters have invested so much in your business, and we want to be part of making it happen and keeping it on track. We want to take the time to learn about you and your business so we can understand and help you anticipate your needs. When it comes to banking, size really does matter.

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Online Banking Woman

Your local bank is around the corner—and on your phone

Local banking used to mean hitting up your branch down the street. But now, your local bank can be anywhere and everywhere you are.

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