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City street

Dundee Bank Gives Big by Shopping Small This Holiday

This has been a difficult year for everyone in our community, but nobody has taken a hit quite like local small businesses. Our bankers have been working right alongside our favorite small businesses throughout this very complicated year.

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Man standing in his salon

Crafting a Beautiful Community from the Inside Out

For Zeb Ratcliff, Co-Founder and stylist at Craft Salon, each day and every client are a new opportunity to make the world and someone’s outlook a little more beautiful.

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Man on a phone in a coffee shop

Skip the Scam

Phishing, hacking, scamming, no matter how they are trying to get your information, Dundee Bank wants to help you put a stop to it!

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Woman on cell phone

Mobile Measures

Keeping your mobile devices safe can be easy, but without these important steps, stealing your information might be easy, too.

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Man looking at a laptop computer

Be Your Own Security Guard

It’s hard to imagine that just a generation ago, the modern conveniences brought to us by the world wide web were a thing of science fiction! Today, you can do everything from getting an education to having your weekly grocery shopping delivered with just a few keystrokes.

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A building site

We are expanding!

Since its founding in 1880, Little Bohemia has been a symbol of the culture and history of Omaha. Considered home for many of Omaha’s first Czech families, the area is known for its original buildings and unique art, and has earned its place as an Omaha icon.

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Jack O' Lantern

Our seasonal pumpkin drop-off is back!

We’re all about helping our customers be more sustainable, so we are bringing back our annual pumpkin drop off for 2020.

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Solar Panels on top of the Dundee Bank

Dundee Bank’s new solar panels are our latest step in sustainability

You may have driven past one of our midtown locations and seen some construction going on recently, and that’s because we have something new: Solar panels on our roof.

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Dundee Bank will support Julie Sommer in 2021 after her trip around the world got postponed

Dundee Bank is a devoted supporter of Omahan Julie Sommer, who was supposed to be traveling this year as part of eXXpedition, an all-female expedition around the world to study plastic pollution in the ocean. The bank, which will now support her journey in 2021, will keep in touch with Julie as she plots a new course to take her through a local journey in 2020. All the women who were part of the postponed voyage are working to create ambassadorships to support their home communities. Julie said she is still working on her plans to help Omahans reduce their...read the full article

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Doctor smiling for the camera

Dr. Kelly Schroeder looked for a caring local partner, and found one in Dundee Bank

Dr. Kelly Schroeder knew she wanted to start her local business, VENUS Vein Clinic, in her hometown. And when she began working with Dundee Bank to do it, she knew she’d found the right community partner who cared as much as she did about Omaha.

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