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Dundee Bank is always on the lookout for ways to make banking easier and more convenient. That’s why we’re so excited to announce that we are now offering Apple Pay to make moving money safer, faster, and more secure!

Who Accepts Apple Pay?

The short answer is: Everyone! You can use Apple Pay to send money across the table to split a restaurant bill, across the city to pay your rent, or across the country to help your student buy books! From expediting transactions at the register to tipping your babysitter, Apple Pay makes it easy to pay anyone, or receive payments from anywhere!

Where Does the Money Go?

Simply add your debit card to your Apple Wallet, already loaded onto your device. Payments will be sent from your designated card, and payments received will go directly to your wallet, where they will be immediately available to you. It’s that simple!

Where is my Wallet and How do I Add a Card?

1. Find your wallet on your home page, pre-loaded onto your apple device

2. Once the app is open tap the plus sign in the upper right corner

3. Here you have the option to scan your card for easy entry using your device’s camera

Or choose to enter it manually!

Once your card is successfully loaded, you will be prompted to verify that you want this card used for purchases, and you’re all set! Safe for in-app, online, or in-person transactions with less risk than using easier-to-lose plastic cards!