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Home ownership should be an exciting, positive experience! But somewhere between the confusion of paperwork and the anxiety over the interest rate, it’s easy to lose…interest. Dundee Bank decided that every step toward home ownership should be engaging, understandable, and exciting! When we join your team, we’re in it for the long haul. 

In a world where everyone is running towards computer screens and mobile phones to conduct business, we at Dundee Bank have taken the approach to run the other direction.  While we have the technology, and are grateful for the convenience it provides our customers, we believe in a “Client for Life” philosophy. This means we want the chance to earn your trust with one-on-one interaction and clear communication throughout the home buying or refinancing process.   

Working with a Mortgage Planner at Dundee Bank, you will receive:  

Exclusive and customized service
Your mortgage planner will be your only point of contact, and will be easy to contact! Our team serves local interests and local clients, rather than being trapped in corporate procedures and red tape all day. You won’t have to juggle underwriters and processors throughout the process. You’ll have your mortgage planner every step of the way. 

Reduced Application Anxiety
We do more than hand you an application, we take active inventory of your income, assets, and credit history on our first meeting. That means that we will know exactly what our capabilities are and we can avoid the surprises that make the application process so nerve racking! 

Identify and Overcome
If your credit score is being negatively impacted, we are ready to help advise you on getting back into the standing you deserve. A bill that you didn’t know found its way to collections, a maxed-out credit card, or a hospital bill that’s still in negotiation could all be bringing you down. We will help you identify the proverbial hole in your boat and help you make short term improvements, and long-lasting impact on your score. 

Streamlined Approval
Each of the steps we take before starting the application results in a smooth, surprise-free approval process. Knowledge is power, and you will leave Dundee Bank informed and confident!

Once we have identified where you are, we move on to learning where you want to go. Knowing how long you plan to stay in your home, understanding your plan for your family, and assessing your current credit standing will all determine what loan or program makes sense for you. Your savings goals, upcoming life events like weddings or retirement, and your potential down payment will all become factors in how we structure your personalized program. 

That’s why Dundee Bank puts so much effort into the relationship we build with each of our clients. We ask about your short-term goals to decide on instant actions, and we ask about your long-term goals because we plan to be there to help you see them through.

Thank you for letting us support you through this monumental life event! We can’t wait to be of service. 

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