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It’s been a busy work week. Next thing you know, you blinked, and suddenly it’s Saturday!

You’ve got bills to pay, a gas tank to fill, and a college student in another city who needs money. All this before you head to the farmer’s market for your favorite artisanal local honey! Oh, and before you forget, you need to pull some money from savings for that trip next week, remember?

What if instead of spending two hours writing checks, stuffing envelopes, and driving to the bank, you could tackle it all from your phone, wherever and whenever you want?

Everything in the modern world moves fast, so your hard-earned money should be able to do the same. At Dundee Bank, we think you deserve a banking partner that gives you that freedom.

So before you leave the house, you can take care of the utility bill with online bill pay, and put your phone bill and mortgage payment on autopilot with recurring payments securely through online banking. Need to move money from one account to another before you pay those bills? That’s easy. External transfers let you move cash for free from your phone or computer—with accounts outside Dundee Bank. You can even schedule recurring transfers and save time on the transfers you make on a regular basis.

Speaking of transfers, that college student of yours needs some money (yes, again) and that’s where Zelle comes in. With Zelle on the Dundee Bank app, you can easily make fast person-to-person cash transfers electronically, and all you need is the recipient’s phone number or email address. And yes, same-day transfers are available for those urgent days, because keeping track of a budget and a university class schedule is hard! In fact, most transfers go through in a matter of minutes, especially if the recipient’s phone number or email address is already enrolled in Zelle (hint hint, college student).

Best part? You’ll never have to worry if they saw the transfer come through, because they’ll get a text or email notification sent straight to their phone, which is probably in their hand as we speak. When your college student becomes a college graduate making their own money, Zelle makes it easy to split the dinner bill when you all go out to eat.

But back to your busy Saturday—you can stop for gas on the way to the market and easily swipe your Dundee Bank debit card that can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Luckily that card also has real-time fraud monitoring and protection, too.

(Remember that time someone in Louisiana tried to buy a fishing boat with your card number? You definitely don’t have time today to talk to five different representatives at the credit card company about that. Instead, you’d get a fraud alert call in real time to put the kibosh on fraudulent attempts in a snap.)

At the same time, you don’t want to get a fraud alert call every time you swipe your debit card on the trip you’re taking next week. That’s why we let you set up travel notices for better fraud monitoring.

Now finally, you’re squared away and ready for the farmer’s market. Just one last stop at the ATM so you can buy your artisanal honey from the beekeeper who only takes cash. Luckily, Dundee Bank is local, but not limited to local ATMs. Use any ATM in the Shazam or MoneyPass network without a fee or surcharge, or earn up to $10 in ATM refunds on your Save Green Rewards Checking Account.*

After checking off everything on the to-do list on this hypothetical Saturday, you’ll have the luxury of some extra time and a lot less to think about. Sounds like you deserve brunch with a mimosa.

If you think you deserve an account with money-moving tools that make room for more mimosas in your life, open a checking account from Dundee Bank today.

*Terms and conditions apply.