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“Dundee Bank is invested in my success and they are the only bank I would ever recommend.”

Yuri Paskar has not only been a loyal customer of the bank but also an amazing advocate for our banking services and programs. Yuri made a transition from the corporate world to purchasing, renovating, flipping and renting single family homes in early 2015. Since then, he has made the jump to multi-unit apartments and hopes to one day invest in commercial properties. Yuri has a unique passion for real estate that trickles out and consumes those around him. Yuri has been a great partner for the bank.

Yuri Paskar has been an insurance agent for the last 8 years. He owns a small independent insurance agency near the heart of town on 44th street. Yuri and his wife Katie dabbled into real estate 3 years ago with the purchase of their primary residence. The 1960’s ranch came with its own 1960’s tile, carpet, wallpaper, and problems. After spending many weekends and nights peeling wallpaper, painting, ripping out carpet, replacing drywall, Yuri became hooked. “I didn’t want this to just happen on late nights after work and weekends. I wanted to create change everyday and on my own schedule.” So that’s when we rolled the dice and have never looked back.

Those little green houses do turn into red hotels if you play long enough. #DemoDay is just as fun as it is on television.

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