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Part of our mission at Dundee Bank is supporting Omaha’s favorite neighborhoods and helping preserve their historic charm. So when it came to choosing the location for our third branch, the newly minted historic status of the Little Bohemia Neighborhood on S 13th St. made it an easy pick.

Across from the site of the former Bohemian Cafe, our team set up shop doing our best to celebrate the neighborhood’s Czech roots and the famed restaurant’s history. After all, who didn’t love the Bohemian Cafe?

To kick off our new branch in Little Bohemia (which was added to the National Register of Historic Places in July 2020) hundreds of our friends joined us for a big Bohemian block party.

Our Little Bohemia neighbors at Nice Rollz, Fizzy’s, and Orsi’s graciously supplied the bites. Naturally, the Czech-style beers and refreshments came courtesy of our friends at Infusion Brewing across the street in the Bohemian Cafe’s old space. And it wouldn’t have been a proper Little Bo party without the hearty Czech food from Eddie’s Catering!

Stop by and check out the restored Little Bohemia mural on our building, and come on in to say hi and grab a free apple.

We’re happy to be your neighbor!