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Restoration is underway for iconic Little Bohemia artwork and signage.

Our team at Dundee Bank is thrilled to soon join the Little Bohemia neighborhood with a new branch location. Since the 1880s, Little Bohemia has been a taste of home to many Omahans, and recent efforts to protect and preserve the area have ensured that it will remain home for generations to come. As we considered ways to show our appreciation to the neighborhood for having us, we were struck by the inspiring artistry that already existed in the area. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on!

We have temporarily removed the famous neon Bohemian Café sign. Don’t worry, it’s not gone! This landmark guiding Omahans to the neighborhood is currently being restored to its former glory. We know how important the sign is to the visual integrity of the district and we cannot wait to reinstall it this Spring.

In addition, the well-known Bohemian Café mural on the exterior brick of the new Dundee Bank location came to our attention. We love how Little Bohemia has maintained the spirit of the community and culture through artwork and signage throughout the neighborhood. The mural will be no exception. A local artist is helping Dundee Bank restore the mural so it’s legacy will live on for years to come.

Our Dundee Bank team is grateful to soon be a part of the of this community. We cannot wait to unveil these fully restored works of art later this spring! Thank you for such a warm welcome, and thank you for choosing local with Dundee Bank!