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It’s obvious that when it comes to neighbors, Dundee Bank hit the jackpot! We are surrounded by an innovative community filled with creatives, artisans, and change makers of every influence. We could not be more proud or grateful to live and work among friends like ours. But when we made friends with a neighbor who serves street tacos all day every day, we knew we had hit the big time!

Jose Flores, owner of Hoppy Taco at 5003 Underwood Ave knows that small businesses need one another now more than ever, saying “Supporting local is the small business way of life. Not only does it allow us to show we care about our neighbors, community, and friends, it allows us to share a table and our experiences just like we would at home.”

And Jose has been stuck sharing a table with us since The Hoppy Taco decided to open so close to our Dundee location!

“The staff at Dundee has always been warm and friendly from the start. They are very involved and they know their customers. They order and dine in with us at least once a week. We love the staff and the support they have shown us ever since we first opened!”

While Jose and his staff may recognize us for our inability to decide how many street tacos constitute a serving, we recognize the team at Hoppy Taco for their attention to creating an enjoyable experience for every one of their diners, and their commitment to supporting their neighbors, especially in the toughest of times.

“Supporting local is an essential part of our everyday business. We partner with local breweries to serve the best craft beers to our patrons, and partner with local businesses and services for all of our needs. Supporting local is crucial, as it keeps our money in our community.”

Dundee is proud to support Hoppy Taco, and the team that makes it happen! Thank you for keeping our neighborhood strong, fighting, and well-fed.