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“Dundee Bank helped make the Blackstone District a reality!”

Dundee Bank has had the pleasure of working with GreenSlate Development for 4 years. We are proud of their commitment to the community and dedication to making the Blackstone District what it is today.

GreenSlate Development was founded three years ago by Omaha natives with a vision. Creators of the Blackstone District, a truly unique residential and commercial development where residents can live, work and play, GreenSlate Development working diligently to create something that is truly unique.

The development of Blackstone District by GreenSlate has contributed to the vibrancy of one of Omaha’s most desirable neighborhoods. A diverse, multi-use community, it is a place where people can live, work and play – all within walking distance. Stretching from 42nd to 35th Streets, the Blackstone District is a one-of-a-kind community designed to serve the needs of all Omaha residents.

GreenSlate Development is headed by:

Matt Dwyer

Principal at GreenSlate Development, has 10 years of experience at the ownership level in construction and manufacturing. His primary focus is on investment sales, new development and redevelopment projects. He began working on the nearly vacant Blackstone District with Jay Lund in 2012, and has since helped to redevelop 6 properties within the district, with eyes set on more in the future.

Jay Lund

Principal at GreenSlate Development, has wide experience in real estate. His experience includes management and sales of office, retail, industrial and multi-family properties. Jay specializes in investment sales, new development and redevelopment projects and is always looking for the potential in a neighborhood. In 2012 he started to realize the potential in the Blackstone District, a nearly vacant neighborhood in Midtown Omaha, and along-side Matt Dwyer, has since worked to redevelop 6 properties in the neighborhood.

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