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You’re always on the go, rushing around taking care of everyone else’s needs. Wouldn’t it be nice to get little something extra for yourself? When you sign up for a Rewards Checking Account with Dundee Bank, you earn an attractive APY* that pays you back.

So, what would you do with the money you could earn with Rewards Checking? We’ve got some ideas…

Enjoy a night out. Whether your idea of a “date night” is relaxing over a quiet dinner for two or breaking out of an escape room with a group of your closest co-conspirators, plan a fun evening out and let your rewards pick up the tab.

Pay it forward. Showing generosity because someone was kind to you (or for no reason at all) always feels good. Buy coffee for the person behind you in line. Leave a gas gift card at the gas pump. Or add a little extra to your server’s tip at your favorite restaurant and let your rewards, reward you back.

Keep it local. Purchase a painting or jewelry from a local artist. Or grab those titles on your must-read books list from a locally owned bookstore. It’s an easy way to use your rewards cash to treat yourself while giving back to the community.

Throw a “just because” party. Sometimes the best reason to celebrate and spend time with family and friends is no reason at all. Invite your neighbors over for dinner because “it’s just been too long.” Or get your extended family and friends together for a game night and let your rewards cash cover the costs.

Spread the love. You’ve got a heart for giving back. Why not use your rewards cash to help make your charitable giving go even further?

Save up. Got your eye on a bigger prize? Understood. Pile up your cash back for a special reward down the road (like a weekend getaway).   

Of course, how you decide to spend your extra cash is up to you. And remember, these aren’t the only perks of your rewards account. There’s no monthly minimum balance to keep up with, no ATM fees from Dundee Bank, and nationwide ATM refunds of up to $10 per month. So, sign up or switch to a Rewards Checking Account and get these benefits and more.

Getting started is easy. Contact us at 402.504.4000 at our Dundee location or at 402.932.7755 for the new Blackstone branch.