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Many people have spent their adult lives waking up, working out, and heading to the office, with perhaps a stop at a local coffee shop along the way. Now, that has all changed, as most of us find ourselves temporarily working from home.

Working at home means most people are trying to find a new “work-life balance,” often while managing the schedules of family members, children and spouses, too. The pandemic also means that many of the non-work activities people looked forward to are on hold for the moment.

We have seven tips this week on how to make the new work-from-home lifestyle a little bit easier.

Work Regular Hours

It’s important to set a schedule for the workday, and do your best to stick to it. Set clear guidelines for when the workday begins and when it ends. Working at home does offer flexibility, so if you need to leave early, consider starting early, just as you would otherwise. If you need help sticking to the schedule, time tracking apps help you focus on your most productive times of the day, and can be useful to adapt your schedule.

Create a Routine

Remember your old routines, and adapt them to your new schedule. If you like working out in the morning, set a time. Maybe it’s making a pot of coffee — set a time for that, too. Finally, lots of people find getting dressed and out of pajamas helps to define the day as a “work day” instead of a weekend.

Leave the House

When you can, and if you can do it safely, get out of your home. A socially-distanced walk around the neighborhood or a lunch break workout does wonders.

Create a Dedicated Workspace

Carve out a spot in your home that works as an office, and set it up for whatever tasks you are responsible for. Make sure you have the supplies you need. It’s also smart to separate your work activity from your personal computer. Keep work to your work laptop, and use other devices, such as a phone or a tablet, for your personal activities.

Socialize with your Coworkers

Working at home can be isolating. If you have a crew of work pals, set up a virtual happy hour or casual conversation. Even if you’re an introvert, periodic socializing with your cohorts can help you make it through our challenging times.

Be a Good Communicator

When you work remotely, it’s important to provide regular updates to your team. If you’ve finished a big project, have a vacation coming up or wrap up a task, say it. Share updates in short but clear messages, and remember to stay positive.

And finally, Bank at Home

Dundee Bank offers banking from the comfort of your own home (or home office) with its mobile banking app. We also offer deposits right in the app, or online, so you can keep your day on schedule. Want to switch to Dundee Bank? It’s easy. Get started today.