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Dundee Bank and OCM Work Together for a Better Tomorrow

If you haven’t been to the Omaha Children’s Museum lately, here are a few things you may have missed:

  • A staff that is truly engaging with their tiny clientele
  • Innovations in the way Science, Math, and Nature are presented to young minds
  • A Kinesthetic approach to learning that gives children a connection to the world around them
  • A Caring team making room for children of all abilities, sensitivities, and with unique capacities
  • A business build around creating a strong community for these minds to thrive in

We thought it was incredibly rare to find a business who treats each of its members with such care. It’s a principle we strive to live by, and sharing that philosophy with the Omaha Children’s Museum makes us proud to partner with and support the team!

Finding out that they felt the same way about us had us all kinds of Twitterpated!

“Dundee Bank is a friendly place where people truly seem happy to see me. The customer-first focus and the willingness of all staff to go out of their way to be of assistance is practically unheard of anymore.”

Being a small bank means we have the freedom to support those we believe are making Omaha a better place to live, work, and raise a family. Children’s Museum has gone above and beyond to do so, and we feel the results speak for themselves! Having the ability to tailor services to fit OCM’s unique business needs is an honor, and stopping by to work with the team is just as much pleasure as it is business.

“The last time Ryan came to see us at the Museum, he had a “bag full of cash” which turned out to be our change order, personally delivered by Ryan.”

We won’t say whether or not Ryan sat in on the interactive Science show after his delivery because it isn’t pertinent to this story. But he totally did.

“To us, ‘Support Local’ means that when given the choice, keep our resources within the community. In addition to banking with Dundee, we also use local fabricators to build our exhibits and have developed an internal design team, so our donation dollars are spent back into Omaha Community.”

The work you do at OCM is affecting families for generations to come. Thank you for letting Dundee Bank be part of the legacy you are creating! 

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