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Dundee Bank doesn’t want you to skimp on experiences, but finding every opportunity to save on expenses is kind of our thing!

The world is big and wide and beautiful, and we want you to see and taste and enjoy every bit of it! Our hope is that if we can help you save on the little expenses, you can afford to have a greater experience. This month, we’ve put together a few ideas to help you cut some costs as the holiday travel season approaches!


Having the freedom to adjust your departure to a day with less travel traffic, whether driving or flying, can save a significant amount! Gas prices tend to increase on heavy traffic days, and Wednesdays are especially reasonably priced, followed by Tuesdays. Of course, the further ahead you can plan, the better!

Price of Packing

Whether you’re heading home for the holidays or on a beach vacation, finding a place to stay with laundry facilities can allow you to pack light and wash and wear a few favorites rather than a full two week’s wardrobe. When you consider the price per parcel airlines charge, you can pinch a pretty penny by packing light!

If you’re planning on bearing gifts, consider ordering online and having the packages delivered directly to their destination. If you’re hosting for the holidays, consider your guests’ cost of travel, and perhaps offer the same and have their gifts shipped and delivered ahead of time. 

Snack Pack

Road Trips always start with the best of intentions, but tend to end with a car full of empty fast food containers and candy wrappers littering the back seat. Not only can this leave you sluggish and with a stomach ache, but those gas station raids can hit the pocket book as hard as they hit your healthy New Year’s Resolutions.
Planning ahead and packing portable, healthy choices can save you countless calories and a pretty penny! 

Find Free Fun

From museums hosting complimentary days to parks and planetariums, fill your itinerary with all of the free fun your destination has to offer! Check your zoo and museum membership for discounts at participating affiliate out of town locations. Fill empty spaces in your itinerary with sight-seeing, bike riding, or family game nights.


Most larger cities, and even many smaller tourist destinations offer affordable public transportation. This can include:

  • Buses
  • Bikes
  • Subways
  • Trolleys
  • Scooters

Do your research ahead of time, and if possible, ask locals about their transportation tips and tricks! 

Fee Free Transactions

Using your Dundee debit card offers fee-free transactions anywhere debit cards are accepted. This can save you time while offering a measure of security. You can continually monitor your account from your phone, transfer funds and pay bills, and instantly be aware of any questionable transactions immediately!

Open up an account with Dundee Bank now and enjoy the freedom that comes with fee free transactions.

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