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For more than fifty years, Earth Day Omaha has been offering actionable opportunities for Omahans to gradually and sustainably create a positive impact on the world around them. Dundee Bank is proud to partner with an organization that is committed to the empowerment of the community, and to the betterment of the environment we share. 

This month, we had the privilege of connecting with Angie Remington, Chair of the Board of Directors of Earth Day Omaha about why EDO chose Dundee Bank, and how we can all create a little more sustainability in our practices.

“We are an organization devoted to environmental conservation and sustainability. Our annual Earth Day event we hold at Elmwood Park is an amazing opportunity to bring awareness and education opportunities to thousands of people, and Dundee Bank is a big supporter of the event. We love that we are able to highlight Dundee Bank’s focus on sustainability efforts as a model for the local business community.”

Our team loves attending and supporting Earth Day, but we have found the information we gain at each event drives our green efforts. Supporting Earth Day Omaha is about more than making a once-a-year contribution, but creating positive impact every day. It humbles us that someone who does as much good as Angie does noticed our efforts! 

“Walking into Dundee Bank feels more unique than I had expected. Like the space was designed to feel like grabbing a cup of coffee at a local shop.”

Angie is talking about our Zero-Waste Coffee Bar and Bevi water dispenser. We’ve eliminated plastic water bottles and disposable single-use coffee waste, created a green space with a bench made from recycled plastic, and implemented the utilization of post-consumer paper.

We love having Earth Day around to set an example of how to do even really big, difficult things in a mindful and positive way. Their handling of an epic event like the annual Earth Day celebration is humbling, and we love the thoughtful touches that make it the mean green place to be seen!

“We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, as individuals and as an organization. We prioritize the economic impact our choices have on businesses in our community, utilize local vendors and exhibitors for our event, and contract with local businesses for as much as we possible can. We use local printers, equipment rental, and tech providers. We also really rely on local volunteers from the community to make this even happen, so it’s really very dependent on strong local relationships to be successful.”

Dundee Bank is proud of our relationship with Earth Day Omaha, and can’t wait to see what the 2021 event has in store for us all! Thank you to Angie and to EDO for their tireless work creating a more sustainable future, and for letting us be part of the solution! 

To learn more about Earth Day, get involved, or donate to the cause, head to http://earthdayomaha.org/