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inCOMMON has made a name for themselves by building opportunities for their community, and offering tools for their neighbors to connect and thrive. It’s no wonder they felt that they had something inCOMMON with Dundee Bank!

“There is a deep understanding of the needs of our organization, and that propels excellent support and recommendations!”

Sonya Gray, inCOMMON’s Community Development Administrator expected a lot when inCOMMON partnered with Dundee Bank. “The staff and environment are warm and welcoming, and the team is very personable and knowledgeable! There is a created sense of belonging, and being known.”

Having a client as aligned with our own values and drivers as inCOMMON means that we are better able to anticipate growth, needs, and challenges.

“Dundee Bank has helped us streamline a few of our financial procedures, and helped make possible inCOMMON’s Affordable Housing projects.”

“We support local by building the capacity of local residents so that they can thrive in the home and workplace, and by building the capacity of under- resourced neighborhoods so that they become places of life, hope, and opportunity for all. Dundee Bank has made it possible for us to leverage our resources to provide affordable housing and invest in local leadership.”

Dundee Bank believes in our clients and neighbors, and we’re proud to help inCOMMON do even more for our community.