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ACH is a Big Convenience for Your Small Business

When you decided to run your own small business, it was to reclaim the freedom to do business on your terms. You knew that gaining those freedoms would come at a steep cost to you, and the price of doing business right lands pretty hard on your time.

Dundee Bank believes in your small business, but we also believe in giving you the freedom to maintaining your life outside of work. That’s why we offer free ACH Services to business customers.

How Do ACH Services Work?

You have access to your ACH, or Automated Clearing House, via online banking. This means you can access the account and direct funds 24 hours a day from anywhere you need to be. Send payroll directly into your employee’s accounts, pay vendors, and schedule payments, saving you time, money, and the hassle of manual book-keeping.

Is it Safe?

ACH services are secure, and insured by the FDIC! In fact, sending funds directly is more secure than mailing a paper check, which can become damaged or lost in the mail. You will never have to pay to stop a check that hasn’t reached its intended destination, and you can see when funds leave your account, and exactly where they were directed.

What if My Employee Doesn’t Bank With Dundee?

Not a problem! You can direct funds into any bank account. If your employee doesn’t have an account, or simply wants to keep their funds separate, your employee will be issued a payment card, and money can be deposited directly to them. Cash can be retrieved from at any ATM, or employees can use the card to make purchases at the store, gas pump, or online, just like any other debit card.

How Will My Employees Benefit?

Your staff and vendors will enjoy the benefit of no longer waiting for payroll to come through the mail, taking the stress out of pay day and saving them a trip to their own bank. The service is reliable, and money is available immediately without waiting for a check to clear.

If you’re ready to take the gray out of pay day, come in to any of our locations and talk with a banker today about applying for ACH Services for your small business!

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