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Being a State Farm agent is a big responsibility, and Matt Dougherty doesn’t take it lightly. He works under the philosophy that “no one cares how much you know until they know you care”, and seeing that reflected back in the service he received at Dundee earned us a client for life! 

“I had heard great things about Dundee Bank, but sometimes I think we convince ourselves that it probably won’t go as well for us. It was just the opposite. I was impressed at how well our first meeting went, and walked a way feeling like it had gone better than I ever thought it could have!”

Being a small bank, we understand that small businesses are just people, like us, trying to do the best for their clients. We know that they see their clients as families, and so we treat their business like one. Learning that we have made such an impact on a business owner that they move their personal finances over to us tells us that we’re doing our job right.

“There is so much I owe them for over the years both professionally and personally.  Words alone cannot describe my appreciation for Jeff, Adrian, Adam and all of the folks who have done so much for me!”

Having grown up in Dundee, Matt chooses local whenever possible because he knows he is supporting his friends, family, and neighbors with each transaction. We thought this was why he chose Dundee Bank, but when he told us his other reasons, we started to feel less like a partner, and more like a neighbor ourselves. 

“I just loved the atmosphere.  Everyone was so nice and helpful. I think the thing that sticks with me the most is their honesty and thoughtfulness. I know they care each client and their families.”

We do, Matt. And we are proud and grateful to count you among them! Thank you for choosing Dundee Bank! 

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