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Your face goes numb. Your mind races. Your hands begin to shake.

This is the moment you realize you have lost your wallet. What was in it? You suddenly can’t even remember. Where was the last place you left it? Has someone already maxed out all of your cards and moved to Boca?

First things first. Take a breath.
We promise that you aren’t the first one to have lost your wallet, purse, or nearly lost your mind when it happened. It’s going to be ok, but there are steps you’ll need to take rather quickly.

Be Certain
Ask your spouse, your children, and your coworkers if they’ve seen it. Perhaps it was simply moved. Check beside your center console in your car. You’ll find at least 3 pens, $14 in change, and probably your loyalty card to your favorite fro-yo place there. It’s possible your wallet slipped.

Retrace Your Steps
Take a quick mental jog through the last several places you stopped. Did you leave it on the checkout at the grocery store? In your locker at the gym? On top of your car?

Assess Possible Damage
Pull up your free mobile banking app, or sign into your account online to see any new or pending transactions. If there are transactions you didn’t initiate, you know that your cards have been stolen. If not, you can see the last place you used your card, which may give you an idea about where it was left.

Call your bank and have a hold placed on your cards until you’ve located them. If you suspect theft or fraud, instantly report the card stolen. Dundee Bank will put a freeze on your account and issue you new cards immediately (once we’ve confirmed your identity!) Your credit card company will likely issue you new cards, but closing the account could negatively impact your credit report. Systems are in place to remedy credit damage caused by fraud or theft, but not much can be done if you’ve closed the account yourself.

Make Arrangements
Once you’ve put the hold or freeze on your account, you’ll need to make arrangements to pay any recurring debits that come from those accounts. Dundee Bank will have your new cards issued as soon as possible, but be sure to make payment arrangements with anyone who automatically debits your account in the meantime. These may include:

· Gym Memberships

· Cable/Internet Providers

· Insurance (Health, life, auto, home, renters, etc.)

· Utilities

· Car

· Cell Phone

Be sure that you contact these businesses with your new card number as soon as you receive it.

Check Twice
Was your checking account compromised? If you had a blank check in your wallet for emergencies, you will need to take steps to freeze your account and stop any unauthorized debits. You are protected against fraud, so don’t lose any sleep! But, the faster you act, the easier it will be to recover your accounts.

You’ll need a new driver’s license as soon as possible. Without the ease of using your cards everywhere, having photo id is more important than ever. Visit your DMV, which should have a copy on file. Copies can be ordered for a small fee, and a temporary ID can be issued while you wait for your official license to arrive (if there is a waiting period)

Other identification will need to be issued by the entity who issued the original. Work IDs are often kept in a system, and copies are often easily attained, provided you can prove your identity to the issuer.

Social Security
It is never recommended that you carry your Social Security Card with you. If it is stolen, contact the three national credit bureaus asap and order a credit freeze. This will prevent credit from being issued in your name, and help you avoid damage to your credit score.
Experian: 1-888-397-3742
Equifax: 1-800-525-6285
Trans Union: 1-800-680-7289

Lock it Up
If you happened to have a key in your wallet, or in a purse that was stolen, this becomes a bit more urgent. If your keys and id were both stolen, thieves now have easy access to your home. Change your locks immediately if possible.

Make a List
Try to remember any other items that were in the missing wallet. Insurance cards, membership cards, or identification.

Don’t Panic
It really is going to be ok. You’re not the first person to misplace, drop, or have your wallet stolen. There are dozens of systems in place to protect you, as long as you’re proactive about reporting. We know how important your time and money are to you, and we will have you back to business as usual in no time!