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Dundee Bank is always excited to have the opportunity to invest in anything that advances the community. When those advances include art, culture, and beauty, it becomes an absolute privilege. When The Union for Contemporary Art Founder and Executive Director Brigitte McQueen Shew brought us her vision, we were honored to come on board.

“The staff at Dundee Bank is just incredible. From the moment I opened my accounts, through each visit to a branch, from emails to phone calls, they are right there when I need them.”

Brigitte has been with us in some capacity since 2007, and has had the opportunity to explore what our services have to offer her, her businesses, and her community.

“They make you feel as through your business is their business. The staff makes it feel like Dundee Bank is more than the place where I keep our money, they make it feel like they invested in the work we do and in seeing us succeed. It’s special. The Union isn’t treated like we’re just another account, we’re a valued part of their community. You don’t get that feeling from most banks.”

“Dundee Bank helps us support others through their support of our work. They have helped to shine a light on The Union through their “Support Local” campaign. Just a great initiative. They have also helped me streamline our banking process, making deposits easier, providing our accountants and board with access to our financials through their online dashboard and providing us with a solid corporate card option for our growing staff.

“Supporting local means caring about your neighbor and your neighborhood… not just in the space that surrounds your house – but throughout your community. It means being kind, having empathy and treating everyone the way you hope to be treated. It’s random acts of kindness, it’s being proud of what our city accomplishes. It means community”

Dundee Bank is honored to be part of the community Brigitte and The Union have created!