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Exist Green

A New Sustainable Market Has Planted Roots in Dundee, and we Couldn’t Wait to be Part of Their Success!

While you may have familiarized yourself with some of our newest Green Initiatives, did you know that Dundee Bank has been taking “reduce, reuse, recycle” to heart since day one? Even our location is an upcycle, as it was formerly a grocery store. We also find ways to utilize upcycled items, right down to our antique safe. This philosophy has made us a perfect partner for some of Omaha’s greenest clientele, and was the first thing Exist Green noticed about us!

“Dundee bank was a refreshing change from the big-name banks I’ve previously used,” said Leigh Neary at Exist Green “It’s such a beautiful location with friendly faces. I loved the history of the building, and the service is always helpful and speedy.”

Exist Green, the Zero-Waste Boutique Market sees the value in working with local, sustainable partners. We are grateful to be able to count ourselves among their chosen team!

“We support local organic farmers by selling their produce and storage crops. We purchase products from local makers who meet our sustainability criteria, and we frequent locally owned and sourced restaurants. If the local economy grows, my business grows, too.”

“Dundee Bank has the perfect mix of old-school characteristics to meet the needs of my new retail business. I love the quick and personal access for daily cash management, while also being able to utilize the streamlined online banking tools.”

We found Exist Green’s plastic-free policy inspiring, and their commitment to sustainable life-cycle ingenious! We are excited for the opportunity to help EG meet the needs of their growing business, and to help them bring Dundee a little more Green!

To learn more about Exist Green, how to shop, and where to find them, visit https://existgreen.com/