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Since its founding in 1880, Little Bohemia has been a symbol of the culture and history of Omaha. Considered home for many of Omaha’s first Czech families, the area is known for its original buildings and unique art, and has earned its place as an Omaha icon. In fact, earlier this year the neighborhood was honored with a spot on the National Historic Registry. At Dundee Bank, we have always found ourselves drawn to the immense effort that has been shown to retain the authentic charm, art, and architecture that has made Little Bohemia feel so much like home to so many in Omaha. 

Dundee Bank is proud and excited to announce that as of 2021, our newest addition will call Little Bohemia home, too!

We are grateful for the opportunity to join our neighbors in our shared beliefs of traditional customer service, support for local families, and preserving everything we can for future generations. 

Our commitment to Omaha to be a trustworthy and sustainable partner will be fully reflected in our latest endeavor. Our Little Bohemia location will be a full-service branch, and will be our strongest effort yet at attaining our ultimate zero-waste goal. 

Dundee Bank is thrilled to be a partner in the preservation of Omaha’s historic communities. We see our involvement in the Little Bohemia District as a responsibility to continue upholding the families and businesses that call Omaha their home. 

Our new neighbors include Tiny House, Infusion Brewery, Dog Bar, The Chute, Dusk Goods and Gifts, Brick and Hoarder, Beercade 2, Ethnic Sandwich Shop, Archetype, and the list keeps growing!  

By investing in historic communities, we are preserving them for future generations. We aren’t developing something out of nothing, but contributing to a community that has been strong for over 140 years.

We are thankful for the responsibility we have been entrusted with, and we are looking forward to earning our place in the Little Bohemia Community.

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