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Finding Common Ground with H4 had Dundee Bank on Cloud Nine!

When it comes to healthcare and executing the best course of action, communication and consistency is key. That’s why H4 Technologies has created a cloud-based system to turn information into an action plan. Connecting all of your healthcare on a single platform is a simple concept, but not an easy task. That’s why H4 brings only the most innovative and detail-oriented thinkers onto their team. Whether they’re trusted with maintaining an algorithm or the payroll, every action comes down to creating a reliable product for each client.

Christopher Henkenius sat down with the bankers at Dundee to see if they would be a good fit for H4, and walked away a customer for life.

“My first thought was that I had been doing banking wrong my entire life. The friendliness, attention, and honest desire to please at Dundee Bank were a refreshing and welcome change.”

Working within the healthcare industry means that even though H4 is a locally operated small business, they are a nationally recognized brand that knows how to work with the heavy hitters. In spite of the enormity of their goals, they were looking for a more personal touch when it came to managing their business’s finances.

“H4 Technology is a local startup competing nationally, and we wouldn’t have been able to do that without Dundee Bank. They gave us the opportunity to build our company without investors, and did so on little more than trust.”

While H4 knows that numbers and statistics play a role in many healthcare decisions, the product they have builttakes care to never turn a patient into a number. You are a person with unique healthcare needs. Henkenius was surprised to find that his business wasn’t the only one that felt that way.

“I was used to big banks where decisions were made based on calculations and handbooks. Dundee Bank took the time to understand the smallthings and how they impacted everything in your life. And always a call back or response within minutes. Always a desire to please or a suggestion for a better way to do it. Last month a loan officerreached out on their own with an idea to save me time and money.Their calls are ones I look forward to!”

Dundee Bank is proud to stand behind the ideas that move our community, country, and world in a better direction. We are thrilled to be working with H4 Technologies to make their dreams of a more caring healthcare industry a reality!

Welcome to the family, H4!