stories happening right here and right now.

Over the last few months, our local businesses have been humbled by the severity of these unprecedented times.

At Dundee Bank, our mission is to support local in all that we do; and that is why we have partnered up with the RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW project to highlight the stories of these small businesses.

Hearing the hardships of those in our community helps bring us together and provide hope for getting through this season stronger than ever. Join us in following along with these stories and recognizing the achievements of our community’s small businesses and the challenges they have overcome.

Kathmandu Momo Station

"I feel like food is the bridge of cultures. The best way to experience a culture is through food."

O'Tillie Pork & Pantry

"With food in particular you're seeing a lot of people use that as an opportunity to share a message about what we can do to not only help each other but help the community in general."

Noah Mock |2|

"Whatever comes your way, just figure out a way to get through it. Line up your problems and knock them down one at a time."

City Sprouts

"The food insecurities that were already going on in our community and the disparities in access between people already existed. But now it is so much more obvious and heightened and the need is bigger."

Noah Mock

"It's very important that everybody understands that restaurants are the backbone of every city's culture."

Bryce Coulton

"I think by way of food I can form a matter of community and settle into community and get to know community. Food has always been that."

Omaha Girls Rock

"You turn to music, you turn to movies and TV to really try and understand what is happening around you and also to help you communicate what you're going through."

Dave Nelson

"We’ll take action and figure out how to get through it."


"I love that it's always moving forward. And I love Omaha because it feels like home. So to have a place that feels like home that is always looking to progress...that's probably what I like most about it."

Hank & Ax

"We have all these promises of things that we're moving forward to and all of it just comes to a stop. And that really sat with me for a while. I dug deep into my relationships that I have here with a few key people and we got through it."

Dario Schicke

"I just encourage people to stay healthy, be positive, take care of your family. It really comes down to family, friends, and community. You cannot replace that."

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This spring, Dundee Bank helped more than 450 Omaha small businesses apply for federal loan and grant programs available through the SBA. Many of our clients applied for the Paycheck Protection Program, a federal program offering forgivable loans to small businesses to pay their employees during the COVID-19 crisis. Our loan officers worked overtime on weekends to make sure all our clients got the help they needed.

At Dundee Bank, we have always loved being a part of the Dundee and Blackstone neighborhoods in Omaha. Because so many of our neighbors are also our customers, we want to do as much as we can to help our local community get through this challenging time. We are proud to support these small businesses.

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