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Mark Daly, Travis Unzicker, and their team at Four Corners Restoration know that a business is more than what happens inside four walls. It’s what your people bring to their community. Even more than the services you provide, it’s the human touch that determines the value you add to your customers’ lives.

In their line of work, they are often serving families and businesses who are experiencing loss, trauma, and fear. With so many factors unknown, they strive to be a friendly face and a reassuring hand during the restoration process. They aren’t just rebuilding structures, they’re helping rebuild lives.

While they always expect this standard of care within their own team, they find it refreshing to encounter other businesses that hold the same values, and provide a level of service that feels less like “clientele” and more like family.

“The staff at Dundee Bank are genuinely interested in how we are doing. I have not experienced a bank being so accommodating and easy to work with, so I didn’t expect that. The staff is very friendly, professional, fun, positive, neighborly, competent…”

And when Mark and Travis first conceived of building their business, they knew they would need a partner who believed in them.

“They helped us realize the start of our company. They looked at both of our more than 25 years of experience in the property damage restoration industry, and considered what we had accomplished in the previous couple of years and had the confidence to partner with us in this venture.”

Dundee believes in local businesses, and this local business makes it personal.

“Supporting local to us just means to do whatever you can. Eating at locally owned restaurants, supporting local businesses, and keeping your money in your town, supporting your neighbors.”

It really is just as easy as that, and when your local businesses are built on this kind of heart, it makes it impossible not to root for them.

“Dundee Bank has helped us be financially sound, so we are able to do what we need to serve our community.”

Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa are lucky to have this crew in all four of their corners, and we’re grateful to be in theirs! Thank you, Four Corners Restoration, for being part of the Dundee Bank family!