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Anyone who owns and operates their own business knows how much work and attention it requires. That’s why Dundee Bank offers services that let you do just that: focus on your business, not on banking. Our cash management services help to streamline deposits and ACH transfers so you have more time to concentrate on what’s important: your business.

Faster service. Our online, same-day ACH (automated clearinghouse) service is free to our business customers, providing direct deposit of employee payroll and allowing you to make and receive payments electronically.

Easier than ever. With remote deposit capture from Dundee, scanners can be installed at your business location. You can deposit checks from your office 24/7 for free, streamline check processing from multiple offices or locations, and get a same-day credit up to 6 p.m.

Learn more about how to save time and money by getting help with your cash management.