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Dundee Bank is a devoted supporter of Omahan Julie Sommer, who was supposed to be traveling this year as part of eXXpedition, an all-female expedition around the world to study plastic pollution in the ocean.

The bank, which will now support her journey in 2021, will keep in touch with Julie as she plots a new course to take her through a local journey in 2020.

All the women who were part of the postponed voyage are working to create ambassadorships to support their home communities.

Julie said she is still working on her plans to help Omahans reduce their plastic use and remind them that waste is still an issue. As her plan unfolds, Dundee Bank will help support her efforts to spread the word about sustainability.

Partnerships like this one are a big part of Dundee Bank’s commitment to sustainability. Our partnerships with Hillside Solutions, Bluestem, and Exist Green have turned us into a community-driven green machine.

We look forward to watching Julie set sail in 2021.