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Tom Manley knows floors. They’re the base of everything you’ll build your room on. Where you’ll put a great rug, a unique table, a conversation piece. They hold your home and everything in it. And while floors are meant to be walked on, Tom Manley knows that he and his business deserve better.

“Dundee Bank has customer service that is second to none. Very helpful, and always quick to return a call or email. They have been a great partner to our business. We began working with Dundee Bank when we were a young company in need of capital for growth. They were very supportive and accommodating.”

It’s easy to be supportive when your values align, and your client offers a service that makes families more comfortable and turns their houses into their dream homes. As they have helped people make their visions a reality, we have had the pleasure of watching Tom Manley Floors grow.

And as they have grown, they have brought that abundance back to their community. Tom Manley Floors believes in investing in their city, and in making that city more beautiful for the people who live there.

“Dundee Bank has helped us grow our business, which in turn has allowed us to support local schools, churches, and charities. Supporting local means supporting the people who live and work in our community.”

And Manley does, by exploring locally owned eateries and frequenting the many locally owned and sourced shops in the area.

Dundee Bank is grateful to be partnered with a company that respects their clients, and sees every one of their visions as an opportunity to make a dream come true!