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Dundee Bank is proud to support those who make a difference in our communities big, and small. That’s why when we heard about Julie Sommer’s activism through eXXpedition Round the World, we were excited to be part of it.

eXXpedition is a non-profit community that organizes teams of female change-makers and explorers interested in researching and implementing solutions to the plastic crisis facing our oceans.  

And when Julie was looking for a bank to support her dreams of voyaging for change, she knew she had the right crew for the mission.

“I love the friendly environment of Dundee. It didn’t feel like I was walking into a bank! Although they are extremely professional, there weren’t all the formalities that are at other banks. The service and staff are down to earth and friendly. They don’t try to push any services on to you that you do not need, they are committed to helping you with your needs, and they make it easy. ”

But given her high standard in all her interactions, it wasn’t our dedication to her own comfort that won Julie over.

“You immediately notice their commitment to sustainability.”

She isn’t wrong. Our partnerships with Hillside Solutions, Bluestem, and Exist Green have turned us into a community-driven green machine.

“When Dundee Bank found out about my eXXpedition voyage and fundraising needs, they did not hesitate to help. They immediately became a financial sponsor and offered merchandise with the Dundee Bank logo for my trip so I could proudly recognize them on the boat as my sponsor. They see the value of making sustainable decisions and contributing to their community.”

While we are doing our part to affect change here in our part of the world, we can rest a little easier at night knowing that our partnerships with intrepid activists like Julie are helping promote change worldwide! Thank you for letting Dundee Bank be part of your voyage, Julie.

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