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Dr. Kelly Schroeder knew she wanted to start her local business, VENUS Vein Clinic, in her hometown. And when she began working with Dundee Bank to do it, she knew she’d found the right community partner who cared as much as she did about Omaha.

“There is a personal touch with Dundee Bank, that I’ve never had with any other financial institution,” she said. “The process was so comfortable and easy that I have now moved my personal accounts to Dundee Bank as well. Their online services made it an easy decision.”

Kelly is the only board-certified vein doctor in the greater Omaha area, and she is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of venous diseases. She spent years studying vein and lymphatic disorders in the community, and works to address the wide misconceptions surrounding vein conditions.

Understanding her patients and creating a comfortable, caring environment is a big part of what she does at VENUS Vein. Partnering with Dundee Bank meant she created that same caring, comfortable environment with her lender.

“There is personalized service, and the response time is very quick. Running a small business, I am so grateful to be able to handle much of my finances via the online app. It saves me important time in my busy day.”