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For Zeb Ratcliff, Co-Founder and stylist at Craft Salon, each day and every client are a new opportunity to make the world and someone’s outlook a little more beautiful. Whether creating a unique cut and color, freshening up a signature style, or beautifying Dundee by supporting fellow small businesses, Zeb knows that “beautiful” starts on the inside. 

Craft Salon believes that supporting local can mean a number of things. From playing matchmaker between two local businesses to simply offering a signal boost with a social media shout-out, every little bit helps. When Craft was looking for a banking partner, Zeb knew that the answer was right down the street. 

“Right away I noticed that Dundee Bank was really inviting, warm, and welcoming. It had a youthful and modern vibe. Everyone was really nice and so helpful. The staff is very friendly. They take the time to learn who you are and they always remember my name when I come back in.”

Zeb also knows that for other small business owners, time is more than just money. It’s time, which is something you can’t make more of no matter how hard you work. But speedy service should never come at the cost of quality or courtesy.

“The service at Dundee Bank is wonderful. They’re prompt and willing to help at any moment. Even during the pandemic, they were very helpful working with me to get my business quickly and smoothly back up and running. They made themselves available and didn’t hesitate to reach out with new information.”

But we aren’t just proud to be Craft’s bank, we are thrilled to be their neighbor and loyal customer!

“We often share a space with Dundee Bank during Dundee Day. They bob for apples and we dunk people in our dunk tank. Dundee Bank president, Jeff Royal, comes in the salon and lets us cut his and his son’s hair. They’re just super great people. A lot of the team comes to Craft for hair care, cuts, colors, and product.”

To be fair, we were willing to give Craft a try just for being a local business. We keep coming back because they do a great job and we love their style! 

Zeb feels that support is more than cash-deep. It’s about promoting relationships that strengthen a community from within. 

“To me, supporting local is about standing up for small businesses in your neighborhood and giving back to your community. Working with local businesses helps build a network, and future partnerships. I love working with local businesses that align with the same values and goals in the community. We involve local businesses in our charitable and non-charitable events. We make sure to shop local, as well. We post on social media about local businesses and events we partner with or patronize ourselves.”

Dundee Bank wants to thank Craft Salon and Zeb Ratcliff for helping make Dundee just a little more beautiful every day! 

Stop in at 5011 Underwood for your custom hair care products, to book an appointment, or shop online at https://www.craftsalonomaha.com/